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When planning on bringing food and drink.  Bring about anywhere between a half a serving to a full serving more than you usually eat.  You will be camping and with that comes lots of walking, exposure to the elements, and on occasion running for your life.  This will build up quite an appetite.  If you're worried about having too much, you can always donate a sandwich or two to cast or players.  Nobody turns down a free sammich… Also, WATER AND GATORADE will be your gods now.  Seriously, don't skimp on this part.Comfortable clothing is a must.  I know way too many people who chose the "this looks cool" route, as opposed to the "this is practical/comfortable" route.  You will be in your costume for the better part of 3 days, you might as well enjoy it. And with that pockets, pouches, and anything else you can store your IG or  needed immediately (meds, makeup, etc) stuff in.  SOCKS, there, I'm only going to say it once for you 😛With that, comfortable bedding in what will most likely be an unheated building or tent.  Again, you are for the most part camping.Don't do what I did and assume this is like a video game where people will come up to you with things for you to do.  Get out there, find stuff to do, slay an ogre, take ransoms, kill the queen!  ANYTHING!  Do not play the "sit in the tavern all weekend" game.  Unless you are a bard, then go for it.