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First off welcome glad to have you aboard and can not wait to meet you in two weeks. Everything so far has been great advice however…

Also socks, socks, sock and socks. You're going to need them.

Totally this!Anyway As far as Casting I am a cast member. I do not suggest it for your first event. It is a lot to take in for your first time. Cast is also extremely fast paced once we get the ball rolling you wouldnt really have time to enjoy the game for the first time if you are on cast. During the game however you do have to do two hours of cast duty. if we need people for longer we usually allow players who want to, to stay and help us out. if that happens on your shift, feel free to stay if you wish. *Clothing:: march is obviously a cold event. most of the time wet as well. Please bring any clothing that can fit under your costume incase you get cold or over them so long as its in game. Under armor is an amazing thing to have and keeps you quite toasty!      Pj's are also always nice and comfy 🙂    Clean clothes to wear when game is off. After clean up we do go to the Chatterbox which is a great place to eat. Also nice to wear something clean after a few days...*Food & Water:: Food and water are amazing things to bring. Any type of snack you might want to eat as well in game can easily fit in a pouch, or your pocket just try to throw away wrappers or put the food in things that look in game. It kind of breaks game when i see a Gushers wrapper, or hot pocket box laying around. Water or any type of drink to keep hydrated is also encouraged. We do have drinks at the tavern which cost in game coin (your character will get two silver for starting the game), and usually have a lot of sugar in it.A lot of times in game people will be AWESOME and feed you.     We do have a nice warm meal on saturday night which i think is $3 a plate its always very yummy which brings me to my next thing to bring*Money:: To pay for your event (if you didnt pre reg), in case you wish to purchase buy in points and or dinner on saturday night. Also for the Chatterbox after the event.*Medications/First Aid:: Any medications that you may be on bring as well also please inform cast if you are on any meds and of any allergies you may have (its always great to be prepared on that stuff). Cast has a first aid kit in logistics feel free to come to us if you need anything that may be in it or you can carry your own, or leave it in your tent.*Standard Gear:: This can include: sunscreen, bug spray (this is a god sent a lot of the times), anti itch stuff for when and if you do get bites, female products if needed, shampoo, soap, towel, etc. Sometimes a flashlight or a lantern is a great idea because while game in on we do not run the power in the cabins, also if your in a tent and you need to find something. *In game Gear:: your costume, any items you might need for a skill(s) that your character can use (ie: lock picks for lockpicking,etc). Any accessories to your costume, or anything you will want for in game. Since this will be your first event you will have to go to the new player meeting which I believe takes place in the guard house? Either be in your costume or bring everything with you because we start game not long after your meeting ends. Hope this is helpful and again can not wait to meet you... alsoSOCKS!