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Welcome to the fold! I hope everyone gives you as warm of a welcome as they gave me. My first event was as a cast member because I wasn't sure if I wanted to permanently wanted to be a player or cast member. Cast was very friendly to me, and I had the chance to play many different roles. However cast can be a lot of work, and the majority of the time out on the field will be as a monster, where you will be repeatedly beaten by boffer weapons (especially if you're not accustomed to the combat system). It's a very tiring position, since you're constantly moving, but also very fun.As a player you can literally do whatever you want. If your character wants to sleep all day, go ahead! The level of activity depends completely on you. The players are very friendly, and very welcoming to newbies, so never be afraid to put yourself out there and talk to them.Overall I enjoy cast and player equally, but since I want to see my character grow and accomplish goals, I've decided to stay on.the player side.