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Also in the way of food and drinks:If you can stomach them, having a  a protein type drink each day can also be fantastic (even "diet" ones like Slim Fast or Ensure) Because they are full of the vitamins meant to replace meals. If you have any kinds of deficiencies (such as myself) these can be amazing and be the difference between feeling awful and being able to enjoy the weekend.Also if I am not mistaken you will be portraying a heavy make up character?I highly suggest bringing baby shampoo/wash (such as Johnsons, but generic brands work just as well) They are hypoallergenic, tear free and great for all skin types, but will get you super clean!Also, just as a little extra, stuff for your living space to help keep you immersed in game. This is totally optional; as long as you keep your out of game gear hidden, it doesn't really matter if you trick out your tent or not, but it can be a fun little extra to help you enjoy the weekend 🙂