Digital Events

September Digital Event 2020

September 2020 RoA Digital Event: Realms Night


The first RoA digital event was a huge success and we’re happy to announce we’re going to be hosting another! We’re also happy to say that it’s going to be themed around Realms Night! We understand that dressing up is a huge part of Realms Night, and we understand it’s upsetting that it can’t really be done effectively at a digital event. However, we’re excited to announce we’re also going to ALSO be hosting a dress-up style in-game event at a physical event within the first few events of the return to physical events.


As can be expected, there are aspects that will be somewhat difficult to translate into the digital space. Much in the same way that the digital space gave us the opportunity to showcase new and different aspects of the setting and lore, we will have the chance to do things we’ve been unable to do in previous years and hope you’ll join us for it. 

What is Realms Night?


Please see the document here to learn the story of Realms Night!


Realms Night is a holiday that occurs in Adraveth every 4 years to celebrate the creation of the Infernal and Celestial Realms as well as to determine which realm will become empowered for the next 4 years. The celebrations usually take place over the course of a full weekend. All individuals have the option (and are encouraged to!) pick a side to represent: Celestial or Infernal. There is no social stigma to picking either side.  During this time, Celestials and Infernals have been known to walk Adraveth itself encouraging and supporting those who have chosen to represent their respective sides. The restrictions on speaking with Infernal beings is lifted during this time in the spirit of the holiday. Games and contests are held across the world in celebration of this time, and their outcome has weight in determining which side wins it all.  

Sept Digital Event Cost Breakdown


Based on feedback and the needs of the game, this event will require admission to attend.  We’re expanding the rewards for attending to show our appreciation for your support.  Please note, however, that unlike the first event, pre-registration and the admission fee are *Required to Attend*


The event will be held on both September 12th and 13th, 11AM-11PM on Saturday the 12th, and 11AM-9PM Sunday the 13th.  The pre-reg link will be posted soon. 

$20 Base pre reg 

    • Access to the full 2 day event 
      • This will include 2 mods and up to 1 Realms Night Contest Mod (These Realms Night Contest Mods are optional)
        • Alt OR main 
      • NPC and RP interactions outside of mods 
      • Possible loot 
  • Updating ( for Mains Only ) 
      • 2 cp for attendance 
      • 2 cp for pel 
      • Auto progression 
  • 1 Skill OR 1 Spell 
        • Please note if you are on your last spell you MAY auto progress but understand that you will not be able to get that cool IG mod, or relative interaction RP because you’re auto- progressing. You are more than welcome to wait until we do a live event again. This also goes for elemental mages who need to meet their elemental for their final 5 spells. 
      • You must meet the prereqs for any skill or spell you’re looking to auto-progress and that it will be next in progression.
        • If you’re unsure of what skill you’re up to in progression, please contact Dave R prior to the update due date.


  • Commodity Report 
    • This is a 12 hour Session
    • If you have the Alchemy Skill, simply write “Alchemy X Points” (Where X is how many Alchemy Points you have in total, not just spent on recipes).  You will be given a randomized amount of potions/gels/compounds based on the recipes you know as well as the total alchemy points you have.
    • If you have the Harvesting Skill, simply write “Harvesting Tier X, Y Times.” For each tier of harvesting you are able to harvest (X), and the number of times you can perform it (Y).  You will be given a randomized amount of harvesting components based on internal rolls and your harvesting skill.


  • Research 
  • Scholars can submit normal research as before 


  • Merchants / Scroll crafting use as you would normally 
    • (Use the banked scroll craft and merchant points from previous digital event)

Extras players can do 

  • $5 Alt extras 
  • you may choose to split your mods between you  main AND your alt
  • ( still only a total of 2 mods ( you can do 1 main and 1 alt  )
  • This will give you the ability to gain the CP, update, and progression for your alt same as your main 
  • Please Note: If you want to just play your alt without paying the $5 that is acceptable however you will not get the ability to update your alt character nor will the cp earned be applicable to your alt character, this includes the auto advancement of progression (spells or skills).  


  • $10  Buy in per CP max of 2 CP (like normal events) 


  • Raffle Package $45  (this does NOT include the alt fee) 
  • Base pre reg ( and all that it comes with ) 
    • 2 cp ( buy ins )
    • 1 cp OR 1,500 sp 
    • Item raffle for all in package buys only
      • There will be two magic  items raffled off ( for 2 different people ) 


Half cast 


Base $10 

  • Same as above but add 1 extra cp for attending and 1 for pel ( total of 3/3 ) 

Alt $5

Buy ins $5 


$20 Raffle Package 

  • Base pre reg ( and all that it comes with ) 
    • 2 cp ( buy ins )
    • 1 cp OR 1,500 sp 
    • item raffle for all in package buys only

Digital Events

Realms of Adventure Digital Events Info

For the digital event, we are going to ensure that players who are involved have the opportunity to be involved in two “mods.” If more is able to run, we will include it in the survey – more on the topic of surveys later.

Unlike normal mods, these mods will occur at scheduled times that we tell players in advance. (Folks are welcome to hang out in the “Scroll and Dragon” part of the Discord when not in a mod, and an NPC will still come and grab you when it is time.) We’ll post the exact mod prior to the event itself.

Most if not all of the mods available will have descriptions given prior to the survey being posted. In order to determine which mods players be involved with, we ask that people select and rank their top four choices from the plots on the attached list using the linked survey (In the event you are interested in less than 4 mods, please use the No Further Interest option).  The theme of the upcoming Digital Event in September is around Realm’s Night (Full post can be found: and as such the survey will run a bit differently. It will be very apparent how the survey will work when you see it. Based on the options people pick, we will determine which mods to run and when. The survey will generally will be open for several days. 

In the event that a mod has high interest beyond the player cap, preference will be given to players who can best engage with the content, either by virtue of connections to the plot or NPCs they’ve already made in game, or having a skillset more relevant to the encounter.

If for some reason a mod that you are interested in does not happen, don’t worry as we’ll likely find a way to run it at an upcoming event. (In other words, no plots will penalize you because a mod isn’t run at the digital event.)

As always if folks have questions feel free to ask them and we’ll do our best to answer them quickly.

We look forward to chatting and roleplaying with you all soon!

We are using our discord server for this Digital Event, below is some information to keep in mind : 

  1. Players and cast alike who haven’t logged on to discord yet, should do so by August 31st (Or the pre registration end date for the digital event you are attending), to ensure that they have access to the discord (Contact Dave R for the link to the server) . (Ideally this is done from a computer, so that it is easier to see some of the images and documents that may accompany a mod)
  2. Players will be required to adjust their nickname on the discord to be that of their character,an example of this is: Winston Ragglesprocket (Dave R). We would also appreciate it if you could change your profile picture to that of your character however this is not a requirement.
  3. Mod Descriptions are strictly Out of Game. Your character will have no knowledge of what is happening on that mod prior to being pulled for it by an NPC
  4. You may NOT trade mods with others – once you complete the survey and that’s it.
  5. Everyone must enable the “push to talk” option. This is to prevent everyone from talking over each other, please be considerate of each other.
  6. Do not enter the mod space without NPC letting you in, even if it pops up for you. Think of this similar to the rules with green portals at live events – just because it’s a 2 way portal doesn’t mean you go through it without an NPC with you.
  7. If you do not yet have a character sheet or a character made but wish to participate, you MUST contact Dave R by August 31st (Or the pre registration end date for the digital event you are attending) or even if you do fill out the survey, you will be unable to attend. We will not be allowing anyone WITHOUT a character sheet, in the discord server on the day of the event which is September 12-13th, 2020. (As an aside, unlike the june digital event if you do not register you will be NOT be able to come in and roleplay during the event and furthermore you must still have a character sheet on file in the event you wish to just attend and roleplay as your character)

Any questions regarding this please reach out to Dave R via email