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Realms of Adventure Record of Vaccination Requirements

Hello everyone! As we draw closer to our live event, we wanted to reiterate our policy regarding attendance. As previously stated we are requiring that all players and cast show proof that you are vaccinated against Covid-19. With the danger of Covid-19 still very much an issue, the rise of the Delta Variants and even other Variants, it is our imperative to ensure that our community is as protected against these things as much as possible. This means providing proof that you are vaccinated. We are asking you to send a picture of your vaccination card to with the subject line: “[Insert your name] – Vaccination card” or proof that your medical doctor has advised that you should not get the vaccine. Of course we can always inspect your proof of vaccination at checkin of the live event you are attending.


Sadly, if you do not send us a picture copy of your Vaccine Card to or show us the card itself -or a picture of the vaccination card- in person then you will be unable to attend our live events. We will unfortunately have to send anyone home who is unable to provide us with this information at the door in the interest of safety.


We recognize that there are some who may have already shown us their proof of vaccination; however we are still going to ask that you email it to us. We want to get a head start on this which is why we are announcing this now. This is for the safety of not only yourself, the game itself, but the friends and family of this lovely community. We appreciate your compliance in this request and cannot wait to see you all in September and beyond!