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    Vayne Mistral

    Hey everyone, Andrew/Vayne Mistral here. I just wanted to say thank you again for an awesome event!  I had a blast, even though the heat was ridiculous. I had an amazing time.  I'll definitely be returning, however I have conflicting dates for both the August and the September events, since I'll be in Massachusetts for a different Larp, which I've already committed to being at this entire season.I'm hoping to be able to attend the October event if dates don't conflict, I know on the site it says TBA, have those dates been announced/released elsewhere yet, or should I just wait in anxious anticipation?Also, no matter what I should definitely be at the November event! Ridiculously long wait I know, especially after it took me so long just to get to RoA the first time, but definitely worth it.  Also, some of my friends who don't go to the larp (Legends) up in Massachusetts will possibly be returning in August and September even if not all of us can make it.Anyways thanks again, you're all awesome!

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    Thanks for the kind words, glad you had fun!I am sorry I missed you this time around but I am sure we will meet up soon.October and November are presently in flux.  Essentially the camp gave us an Oct date, but not a November one, then started us up in February instead of our usual March...I am trying to get in touch with the camp director to see if we can trade dates around with another game that uses the site.  I don't want to post anything on the dates until I know 100%.  We once had a situation where a tentative date was posted and then revised and people didn't see it and showed up on the wrong weekend.  Bad times were had:)  I am hoping to get in touch with them this week.


    Glad to have all of you. I tried to roleplay with any of you the best I could depending on who I was out as at the time. I love having new players especially when i meet them as Xi. she is always a fun character to get newbies to talk to me with, lol. Cant wait for you all to come back and have more fun!


    Hear HearI had a great time this weekend, thanks for everything! I can't wait to come back. -Tom

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