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    Lacroux Artemis

    Hey guys I haven't been for two moons and I'm kinda anxious and really excited but I just want to know what I can do to keep Artemis active! I know this sounds weird. but if anyone knows like some suggestions to throw out, I'd be grateful (not like meta-gaming wise, like ^^; well so I'm not hanging around the tavern so much! )I hope this doesn't sound rude either- but is there an enchantment mage who can teach? because I heard the only one was lady Anara? Sorry if I'm asking inappropriate FOIG questions, if I am please forgo this xp Lot's of love, ~Nina

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    There are a great number of things to do besides lounging in the tavern. Last moon was my first event and I barely stayed by the tavern; the beach, the forge, and the large shady tree by the tavern seem to be some of the most popular places if you're looking for a place to rest and just socialize.-Alex


    Get outside and talk to people, wander around, use gathering skills (once they're rolled out and available, that is.) The tavern is by no means the only congregation spot in town, merely the most obvious. Search around and see what there is to see!As for the second question, you're really going to have to just ask around in game.(You could also ask on the IG boards, but you'll have better results in a face to face conversation.)

    Lacroux Artemis

    Thank you! last event was my first as well- and I wasn't necessarily always in the tavern but I just want to be proactive! xD I guess I'm as impatient as my character! I'll probably bug everyone until I find a teacher as advised IG person-person! Thank you guys so much !!! Hope to see you this moon! ~Nina


    Hi there!  Most has been covered, but as far as a teacher, that is definitely a FOIG question! Ask around in game. I can tell you with certainty there are teachers of that school if you look 😛


    Always be willing to chat people up in town, both player and NPC you never know who will have some interesting information or stories to tell. Some of my favorite plots have been player made and driven ones, because they tend to throw cast for a loop.

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