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    Arryn Valis

    Hullo everrrrbody!I'm not exactly new, but it's been so long that I may as well be.  I attended one game several years ago and I'm *finally* able to come back and attend more.The new website is very nifty, and I'm very excited about all the new crafting stuff, as the cooking/brewing/distilling skills fit in with the character I'm trying to create.I'm not quite as prepared as I'd like to be, so hopefully my garb won't be too awful.  I'll be making it look nicer with each subsequent event as time and money permit. 🙂I've already got the checklist of what to bring (having done two previous LARPs, I can also attest to SOCKS!), but I do have a question about light sources:  Is it okay to have some sort of LED lantern?  There are a bunch of inexpensive lanterns that have a nice look and would fit in all right, but the light's obviously blue and not quite accurate for fire.  Would that be all right?Really looking forward to this.  I've got more questions, but those are for later.  I'm planning for the long run.  Fingers crossed, I'll be able to attend regularly this time.-Chris (Arryn)

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    Welcome back! As far as light sources go, so long as the enclosure looks in-game, the type of light source inside doesn't matter (so long as it's not real fire, heh). The many types of glowsticks we use for light spells come in all sorts of colors, so it's perfectly reasonable to assume lanterns would, too.


    Welcome/welcome back! If you have any other questions feel free to ask or email if you'd prefer. Hope to see you at game soon!- Victor


    Welcome back!The only thing on the lantern I would say is that if it is terribly bright you might want to get some yellow/orange cellophane to put on it just to make it look a bit more reasonable. Honestly though so long as it is not detracting and pulling people out of game I see no issue with it.

    Arryn Valis

    Thanks for the welcomes. 🙂The lantern's got a dimmer, so I can turn down the "flame" if need be.And the cellophane's a good idea... I think I've got time to do that before Friday.  Maybe even using green cellophane to turn it into unrefined green glass would be nifty, too (after all, green is actually the natural color for raw glass - clear glass is a compound made with crystal or something extra,  Can't remember offhand).


    Welcome back and looking forward to seeing you have a good time!

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