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    Hey guys, I am eagerly waiting for the 19th to roll around so I can meet all you and start swinging my sword at you, haha. But in all seriousness, I was a little bit nervous about the “night-fighting” and about RPing in the pitch black forest. Can anybody share their experiences to either assuage my fears or dramatically increase them?

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    Elf hunter extraordinaire.  That is all I'm going to say.


    That's hilarious!

    Happens more often than you might think. I am a big fat guy, but I am also fairly well known for my stealth. Hiding is not a simple matter of finding a tree big enough to hide behind, it's about bending light and shadow and finding the right spot to be in. I have often stalked people through the woods with tricks like this.

    The best of the best here


    There's a path that runs along the edge of the lake, then back into the woods along a stream, and up a hill back into the camp area. I once took that path at night without any sort of light or even a bright moon. It was on that night I knew man's mortal fear of the dark.

    That made me lol XD

    I'm glad my tale of discovering primal dread could amuse you so. I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face.


    I know the feeling man. There's a few reasons I rarely traverse he night alone.

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