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    Hylas Claudius

    Hey all–Just wanted to introduce myself!  My name's George and I'll be joining you all for this March event.  I'll be playing a super elitist grey elf scholar, so get ready to be pissed off at me!  So excited to meet everyone in a few weeks, I hear you are an awesome group!-George

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    Glad to hear you had fun!  Didn't get to interact with you outside of the newbie mod, but it is always good to have new players and to see them have a good time!-Rob


    It was awesome meeting you (in and out of game) and I'm so glad you had a good time! I hope to see you at more events!  ;D

    Shago Book

    Thanks for coming!  It was great RPing with you.

    Drustan Eibhear

    Yeah It was awesome to RP with you, and I hope you come in April. Us Grey elves gotta stick together!  ;D - Shannon (Kai)


    I want to add to this in say that you were pretty cool and im glad to have met you. I hope to see you next month and i enjoyed you and your character being apart of our world. And im glad you had a good time.


    It was great having you at game!  Looking forward to seeing you again.

    Alexander Maylock

    It was great having you at game. I am glad you had fun! - Joseph


    As I said at the camp I'm glad you came and had a great time, sure I'm biased as I love that we got a new scholar but you were a pleasure to role play with and I hope you do return and have even more fun next time.


    Im glad you came as well and Im very happy to hear that you had a great time. I dont think I got to do much with your character and for that I am sorry. But i hope you decide to come back and have an even better time!


    Really glad you had a good time, it was fun meeting you both in and out of game. I look forward to ineracting with you more at game!


    It was definitely a pleasure having you at this event. After all you did single-handedly save the Scholar quest.


    Scholar quest.

    I wonder if enough people have seen brodyquest for a scholar version to get some laughs. Hmm.


    Just wanted to say thanks to all of your for making my first event a great experience!  While I may have hated you in game, out of game I was just like, "OH MY GODDD THESE PEOPLE ARE AWESOME."  It was great meeting you all--see you guys in April, hopefully!

    This claim is all lies, since for some unknown reason almost all PC Gray Elves like my character. :pI'm glad you had a good time, and hope you weren't scared away from scholar-nonsense forever by Alanna's bumbling first attempt at ever teaching anyone anything - at least you got to be a part of RoA history as a result. 🙂

Viewing 13 replies - 16 through 28 (of 28 total)
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