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    My good fellows I must thank you all for an amazing first event in March! I cannot wait for next week to come for continuation of the adventures! I can honestly say I've found a family, not just friends. I've never felt more at home than I did when at the event. Again I thank you all and cannot wait to greet the new days ahead!!~IG: Ulv Shadow-Walker~OOG: Erik Quimby, or E. Quimbus Maximus for short

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    Glad you had a good time! It was great meeting you, and I've got to say I was extremely impressed with the way you handled yourself at court. That was a lot of pressure for a first-time player, and I've gotta say you dealt with it superbly.I'm happy to hear you're coming back, and look forward to seeing you again next week!

    Valeria Trio

    Ulv – Had a great time interacting with you in March, and so happy to hear you'll be coming back next weekend in April! Sara FayeIG: Valeria Trio


    You are brave ill give you that. The baron hated you to start and then after everything that happened on Sunday with the vulk the baron will have both our heads on pikes ????


    Thank you very much Scott I enjoyed that performance…I mean appearance quite a lot. 😀~Erik QuimbyIt was a great pleasure meeting you, too, Valeria/Sara. This coming event shall continue such grand adventures I hope!And Inquisitor Xandis, it was an honor fighting alongside you for you were noble and just in your cause of battle. Should our heads be sent to pikes then so be it for I know there be not a single speck of darkness in our actions.~Ulv Shadow-Walker

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