My first event!!!! =)

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    HEYYY ALLL!!! my first event this past weekend was amazing. I had so much fun with everyone there. I  cannot wait to go back. Me and Elora have to go back home to collect our things so we will see you all in august!!! Also my buddy Ribz was awesome to talk to. He was funny and we made a good companionship even though he hates my air magic 😉 but he loves his harem of elves. SEE EVERYONE SOON!!!!

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    Drustan Eibhear

    It was great Roleplaying with you, can't wait to see you in August!!!


    Glad you had a good time. Hoping you come next month as well. Im pretty sure we will be talking about it very soon lol


    Glad you guys had a great time; hope to see you again soon!


    Glad you had a good time and look forward to seeing you again.  Though we didn't interact as much as I would have liked I quite enjoyed what time we did have to chat and interact.


    Yo I got a shout out. Cool. You were great to hang with and I'm glad you enjoyed the game and I know your busy for the next 2 moths but don't be a stranger to us all.

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