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    Hey there all my names Caitlin (aka Juschia), just attended the June 2013 event and despite what people may have assumed, I did have a good time 🙂 However, just a heads up the June event costume I wore was a temporary one. Next month my character will look how she's supposed to look. So don't confuse her as if I had made another character. Either way, I had a wonderful time meeting everyone even though it was for a brief moment in time and hope to get to see you all again in July 🙂 I love you all!!!!

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    Caitlin,    As a newbie who joined in March, I can tell you with utter surety that you'll continue to enjoy your time here with us in an increasing effect. It's good to see more new players Can't wait to see you again! Welcome to the family!!~Erik (Ulv Shadow-Walker)


    so how was your event? LOL. you had to be there to get this


    Glad you had fun! Hopefully I will get to interact with you next time.


    Glad you had fun! Hope to see you again soon!

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