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    Hey all,My name is Alex. I am from Long Island NY and I'm really excited to try this out and hopefully attend the July event. I am a student so unfortunately I may miss some of the following events, but if I really enjoy myself I will try my very best to attend as much as I can.I am currently working on my character backstory and working on acquiring my costume. I will be playing a Human Warrior for those interested. Feel free to email or PM me, I'm available almost all the time.

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    Welcome!  Can't wait to see you when you can make it.  If you need any help, or have any questions, feel free to PM me. : )


    Hey Alex, welcome!Glad to hear that you'll be trying us out in July! If you have any questions or trouble finding information, feel free to ask here or message me and I'll see if I can find the answers/area of the website needed for you.-Victor


    Like those other guys said, welcome and looking forward to having you on board. Please feel free to ask questions and talk to the other folks around. See you soon!


    Thanks so much, guys. I already PM'ed Mike about my character's backstory, though it is sadly not finished :(. I am also probably going to order my clothing/costume in the next few days, I'm thinking of going minimalistic for now, simple shirt, pants and boots and a sword and shield (shield maybe, the one I want is a bit pricey right now as I just started my new job.) Would I be over buying if I got two pairs of pants and two shirts considering most of the events are two days?


    You don't have to go too crazy for your first costume.  As far as buying two pants/shirts: It would be best for you to keep to the same exact style/color so people could recognize you were out as the same character (as you may be in a different costume coming out during your cast shift).  It's a good idea to have two sets of the same costume though, especially in the hot months when you're overly hot and sweaty and want to change into drier clothes.


    Welcome! Can't wait to meet you!Some people wear their costume the whole weekend however, if you want to change shirts etc, as long as it is in the same style/something your character would wear, no one is going to chew your head off.


    Welcome! Looking forward to seeing you in July!


    I agree with the others. Its the worst when its been raining all week and then you slip in mud and now you're all wet and covered in mud with no change of cloths. =Also bring plenty of socks... nothing is better than a fresh pair of socks during an event!


    Bring ALL your socks, I'm NOT exaggerating, they are sooo comfortable and you may very well ruin 3 or 4 airs depending on weather and luck.Welcome to the wonder and madness that is RoA I look forward to meeting your character and hanging out with you, the player.  Feel free to ask anyone anything, everyone here is very helpful and tries very hard to help people have a good time.Looking forward to fighting by your side...or trying to murder you in the woods +-_^

    Drustan Eibhear

    Welcome! Can't wait to see you in July!-Shannon


    Quick question: are real pieces of armor better in game that say hand made stuff? Like is a real 14 pound steel shield (which I'm probably getting as an art piece anyway) better than making a plywood one?


    Although real pieces of armor admittedly look far cooler than say their foam board counter parts, they are often ridiculously heavy and cumbersome to be carrying around for an entire weekend. I definitely do not recommend it, other lighter materials are perfectly acceptable though. I have made plenty of shields in the past if you have any questions on construction shoot me a PM.


    I can tell you right now that you're probably not going to want to carry a 14 pound shield with you all the time. Also the shields have to meet certain safety standards too. Wearing real armor, although looking badass, will get very heavy and taxing to wear all weekend.P.S: Welcome aboard!


    So long as it meets our safety standards and you don't mind carrying it around, feel free to use it! Real armor doesn't have any advantages over replica/look-alike pieces, so ultimately it's up to you.


    Thanks guys, in case any of you were wondering it was this shield http://www.medievalcollectibles.com/p-20893-stark-infantry-shield.aspx it's actually only 12 pounds, which doesn't seem that heavy for a rather large piece of steel. I was going to get it as an art piece, but if it doubles as protection from goblinoids and bandits all the better.

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