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    Me again,Is it ok if I (OOG) build a small kingdom in the north. In my backstory and towards the point where I venture to the frontier of the conflict that engulfs out fair nation of Adraveth it will have been razed and stricken from common knowledge as a blight and a cursed patch of land, so that sort of explains why none of you would know about it.Any help would be great.

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    Well now that everyone knows about it OOG, you should direct questions on character backgrounds to Scott and Jared via PM or Email.


    Ha, didn't think about that. It said on the race page that there are blank spaces for a reason so I kinda ran with that a bit.


    I don't know if a kingdom would fly, but a town or village shouldn't be an issue. Without letting others know further about your backstory I would contact cast and ask them.

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