Re: Re: Playing at night

Brandan Lachlan

Hey there, I can do both! Yes we are in the woods and yes there are a lot of them. Your first night out I would recommend going in a group of fact, I will always recommend going with a group of people for many reasons. 1) Safety in numbers (sort of) 2)Less likely for 4-8 people to get lost. (Don't go past the train tracks) 3) If you scream because number 1 is proving ineffective, more people will likely hear you if you're in a group. Night fighting and RP is fun, just take the same precautions as you would during the day. At some point during your strolls you will gain some vision adjustment as you're walking along. Try not to fight off trails if you're unsure of yourself and your surroundings.

I agree with all of this. Also watch your step it is easy to trip on something or someone if you cant see.