Re: Re: Playing at night


There's a path that runs along the edge of the lake, then back into the woods along a stream, and up a hill back into the camp area. I once took that path at night without any sort of light or even a bright moon. It was on that night I knew man's mortal fear of the dark.

That made me lol XD

Hush! Fear of the dark is nothing to laugh at. When you cannot see your brain fills in the blanks. And that is what scares us. We try to identify what is making that noise or whats making that shadow figure. For me....I have a wild imagination and instead of thinking up normal things my head starts going for the scariest things it can imagine.

Second night of my first game here, I was going to bed early and on my way through the woods alone to get there, and I saw a light in the trees, right ahead on the road in the way I needed to go. I wasn't sure what it was, and it didn't answer when I called out to see who was there, so I ended up having a tense stand-off with it for about fifteen minutes. Eventually, I went to check on it, and it was just a glowstick somebody left in a tree.So do be a little careful about this. ._.