Service Points

Service Points

      As we have mentioned before, the game just would not run as well or be as great without the generous support of the RoA family. We always look for donations both in materials and time to help the game grow and be the best it possibly can. Below is a list of various things you can “purchase” with Service Points. Additionally we plan to have “Service Point Auctions” at various out of game functions. At these auctions we will offer special items that can be “purchased” with service points. As time goes on the list may be modified or added to, so make sure to check before a planned exchange of points. We offer these points as a special thank you, and they can be exchanged when your character is updated. Full rules for service points are found beneath the tiers which should answer most of not all questions.

  • 1 character point = 250 Service Points (maximum of 2 character points may be gained this way per actual in game event you attend)
  • Token of Negoro = 1000 Service Points (For more info on this see the section of “Death and Dying.” You may only purchase ONE (1) token per event you attend without exception. You may purchase this for another player if you wish, but keep in mind that doing so still counts as the one token you are allowed to buy per update period.)
    • 1 item from tier 1 = 150 service points
    • 1 item from tier 2 = 250 service points
    • 1 item from tier 3 = 400 service points
    • 1 item from tier 4 = 550 service points
    • 1 item from tier 5 = 750 service points
    • 1 item from tier 6 = 1000 service points

Tier 1: One of the Following:

* (1x) Resist First Disease Effect
* (1x) Poison Tolerance
* (1x) +2 Magic Health
* (1x) +2 Magic Armor

Tier 2: One of the Following:
* (1x) Resist First Charm Effect
* (1x) Hard Headed
* (1x) Evade Trap
* (1x) Resist First Pain Effect

Tier 3: One of the Following:
* (1x) Your Armor Begins the Event Fortified by 2 Points (as per the spell).
* (1x) Endure Elements of Your Choosing (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, or Force)
* (1x) +4 Magic Health
* (1x) +4 Magic Armor

Tier 4: One of the Following:
* (1x) Your Armor Begins the Event Fortified by 4 Points.
* (1x) Resist First Dominate Effect
* (1x) Sixth Sense
* (1x) +2 Starting (Health Above and Beyond Normal (May NOT be Restored, NOT MAGICAL)
* (1x) +4 Starting Mana/Piety/Chords/Favor (Choice of One Type, May NOT be Restored)

Tier 5: One of the Following:
* (1x) Spell Shield
* (1x) Attack Shield

Tier 6: One of the Following:

* 1 Character point (Purchasable a maximum of once per update period)

Service Points must be exchanged at the time you update your character unless otherwise stated. You may “bank” your points for as long as you wish. They are attached to the PLAYER not the CHARACTER, so if your character dies you do not lose your accumulated service points (but if points were spent improving your character and then the character dies those points are lost). You may exchange as many points as you wish BUT must follow all rules as outlined below. Keep in mind service points may not be “shared” or gifted to other players as they are attached to the individual, with the only exception being that you may transfer your points between any number of players if you become a permanent cast member. Also, you may not buy things from the list for others with the exception of tokens of Negoro.


Rule #1
You can only buy ONE of each of the same effect. In other words, you could buy a disease resist and a pain resist along with a spell shield, but you could NOT purchase both an Endure Elements: Fire effect and an Endure Elements: Water effect. Additionally, you could not buy 5 purchases of 2 magic health at game on and start with 10. Likewise, you could not buy 4 magic health and 2 magic health and start with 6. The same thing goes for Armor Fortification, Mana, etc. None of these things (including mana) refresh or can be restored by any means.

Rule #2
You may only purchase ONE type of additional casting resource per update period. In other words, you may not purchase 2 additional starting mana and 2 additional starting piety. Additionally, you may only purchase casting resources for a class which your character currently possesses, and only for resources that you have at least 2 of already. So, for example, if you had just recently purchased the Mage class and thus had 0 mana, you would not be able to purchase two additional starting mana via service points.

Rule #3
The 2 starting health above and beyond normal is representative of your character having gone through some additional endurance training or similar activity between events. Basically, if you normally had 10 health you can now start game with 12 instead. In that example if you have 12 and get stabbed twice and fall down to 10 the 2 extra points you started with are lost and cannot be healed. These points will count toward your starting total in addition to magical health and magical armor effects. Fortify Armor functions as the spell of the same name. It is in essence considered “regular armor,” so again, despite its spell origin the armor points themselves are non-magical. So to fold in the concepts together the progression of damage is as such starting from the top and going down:

1) Magic Armor
2) Service Point Granted Armor (Fortified)
3) Regular Armor
4) Magic Health
5) Service Point Granted Health
6) Regular Health

Rule #4
Spell Shields, and Attack Shields may only be purchased a maximum of once each per update period. If you have any means that provides you with a shield already, then the one obtained via service points gets used up first. The same rule applies to racial resistances, as well as Sixth Sense and Hard Headed; if you have already purchased them with character points, the ones you purchase with service points are used up first. In short, one-time shield or resist effects purchased with service points will ALWAYS be consumed first. For damage progression rules regarding the additional starting health purchased with service points, please see the diagram above.

Rule #5
NONE of these things carry from event to event; to put it bluntly, you either use it or you lose it. Additionally, unless expressly stated in this post, all other normal rules governing the usage of these spells or skills apply. However, unlike normal magical enhancements, any bonuses purchased via this list are not lost upon death, and will return with you to the land of the living until you choose to expend them.

Rule #6
Everything available for purchase on this list with the exception of Tokens of Negoro is NON-TRANSFERABLE.