LARP Gear & Costuming

LARP Gear and Accessories


     Below you will find links to some of the merchants we have encountered that sell items suitable for LARP. While we may list personal experiences we have had with a particular merchant, they are just that PERSONAL EXPERIENCES. Realms of Adventure cannot make any specific claims or warranties regarding any of these merchants or the products they sell.


The Leathery Hag – A custom leather shop able to offer custom designs for LARPing that cover the Steampunk, Renaissance, Cosplay, Fantasy, Theatrical, and Halloween genres as well as practical leather such as belts, hosters (of all types and for all weapon sizes), bags, and sheathes.


Threads of Time – Very nice, durable clothing. One of the owners is a LARP enthusiast so he knows that costuming must be durable and well made in addition to looking great. As a note on our personal experience with this company, they are fabulous to work with and the clothes are excellent! (In our humble opinion). Seemingly there is nothing they can’t do and are always willing to help tailor your costume precisely to you and will even vary designs where possible! – Costuming and assorted items.


Garb the World – A good selection of costuming.


Mehron – Great makeup and supplies for the non-human races.


Do it Best Hardware – Here you can get the proper pipe foam and colored duct tape!


Into the Wind – Kite making supplies including fiberglass and graphite rods used for ultra-light boffer weapons. – Nice folks to deal with. They are in England though so allow plenty of time for orders.


Moresca – High quality costuming.


Museum Replicas limited – Nice selection of costuming.


By the Sword – Nice selection of costuming.


Medieval Collectibles – Offers a variety of medieval weapons, clothing and re-enactment accessories.


Extreme Glow – A great selection of chemical glowsticks. This is especially a good site if you want to get together with people and buy in bulk!


Kriana – Look here for battery operated glowsticks.