Welcome to Realms of Adventure!

Welcome to Realms of Adventure!

This page is for parents, guardians, and anyone else who wants to know a little bit about RoA.

     Realms of Adventure is a LARP, years in the making and established in 2003, based in Sparta, NJ. If you wish to know more about what “LARP” means, please click here. You can then click your back browser to return here and continue reading about us!

Realms of Adventure is a fantasy game. Primarily we do this for enjoyment. Unlike many games that are rigidly structured, RoA allows people to use their imaginations and interact with others. Instead of sitting around a table rolling dice or playing a video game we use a free-flowing system of rules that allows people to be truly creative and help develop the experience as the weekend unfolds. Over the course of the weekend, there will be many different “plots” running. A plot is really just a small storyline segment within the game as a whole. Some of these plots will be small and last an hour or so, whereas some will take months or even years to resolve. Every player at our game has a chance to get involved in various plots that interest them. They play a character in our storyline, which they in turn help to create. Much of what we do is like improvisational theater, where there are no scripts or lines to memorize, but instead participants develop a character with individual abilities and motivations who will interact with other characters in appropriate ways. Some people will play heroes, others villains and many people will be somewhere in between. With different types of characters with varying motivations there is often conflicts (like with any good story). Conflicts are resolved through “role-playing” (acting as your character would to resolve the situation) or “combat” which uses padded weapons and a system of rules which allows them to be resolved safely. Every player, cast member and staff member has the right at any time to halt the game if there is a question of safety (in fact we encourage it!). Every participant undergoes proper instruction in using these padded weapons, and if at any time a safety issue does arise the game will be stopped until that situation is corrected.

Not only are we concerned about physical safety, but we also promote a family-like atmosphere where people can be comfortable to have fun and be themselves. We have strict policies against any form of harassment and do not tolerate it within our “family.” We try to instill in our members the values of loyalty, honesty and integrity. Our rules include a strict ban on alcohol at our events, and this extends to all participants and staff. We also have strict rules against real weapons, drugs and irresponsible or dangerous behavior.

Since this is only a game, we do not have codes or rules regarding how people should act outside the scope of the game and the maintenance of a safe environment. We are not a cult or religion, and do not engage in any activities associated with these things. The religious themes and storylines that sometimes occur at our game are purely fictitious and presented merely for entertainment purposes. Actual worship of the pantheon of “gods” is neither practiced nor accepted.

We at Realms of Adventure strive to make this an enjoyable experience for all involved. We are very happy you took the time to investigate what it is your child is doing, and checking out for yourself what this hobby is all about. If you are interested in learning more, please have a look at our site. Under the “Contact Us” tab you will find a link to staff contacts. Feel free to contact us at any time, we would be more than happy to discuss any questions you may have. Better yet if you want to become involved yourself, let us know!