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Next Event:

October 14th – 16th

Following an attempt at purging the small town of New Calendale, the Inquisitorial forces loyal to King Regent Dalton have fled. King Leopold and those forces loyal to him have begun the push to Vondara. Meanwhile, the Light and Dark Fae have stepped up the violence in their conflict, and the storm in north continues to loom large.

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Next event:
October 14th – 16th, 2016!


Realms of Adventure is a Live Action RPG (LARP) based out of Sparta, New Jersey. Be sure to check out our site, and to come out to our next event!

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Realms of Adventure features:

  • A fun and welcoming environment.
  • Great support from a team of veteran players and LARP experts.
  • A very deep experience with great characters, skills, and more!